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"I am me."
I am me.

So many people seem to forget who they are in an effort to appease those they look up to, admire, want to be friends with, etc. They think that if they can falsely align their interests or post banners on their FA page, Facebook, LiveJournal etc. that people will take notice and find that magical bond that brings them together. In doing so, they lie to themselves and to others. They are eventually either found out and create a lot of drama or they go into a depression which eats at them day in and day out because they've lied for too long and think reversing it would be detrimental.

Being yourself, whether people think you're a goody-goody, asshole, freak, pervert, nerd, geek, etc., is the only way you can truly be happy. In being yourself, you will find people you like, you'll find people you don't like. When you do find those you like and share common interests with, become friends with them. They'll be long lasting friends who you feel comfortable around no matter what, even if there are some differences between you both, because hell, we're all unique. The only thing you need to do is agree on your differences and focus on why you -are- friends.

Whatever you classify yourself as or what others classify you as doesn't really matter, because the only title that should be over your head should be, "I am me".

I am Zeke. I have my likes, I have my dislikes. If you like what I do, great! If not... I'm sorry? I don't need to banner them all over the place, it's no one else's business. In turn, I won't ridicule anyone else for their likes or dislikes because, as I stated, we're all unique. If you want to know who I am, message me sometime on YIM or AIM if I'm on, or PM me here. If not, then at least take into consideration who you really are.

Proudly me,


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I love you for this.

I used to change who I was constantly to appease people. I'm growing out f that. I know who I am. I shouldn't be afraid to shwo ti out of fear that they'll judge me. I am me. Nobody else. Just as you are Zeke and nobody else.

Thank you for writing this. It makes me glad to know I'm not the only one thinking about such things at this stage in my life.

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