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Mach's house party pics
Here are some pictures merashallan took using my camera last night at Mach's house party.  I started out by drinking a "liquid cocaine" drink in lieu of me graduating.  After that I had two beers and half a cosmopolitan. Weee!!  I also suited and went out to the road to wave at cars with a beer in paw and muzzle, but the very first car that passed was a cop!! WHOOPS!!

Here are some pictures, beware, some are of me ruining the magic and also being a leopard/husky mix:

What is this leopard/husky bastardization!?!?!

Messing with the DJ set... RUINING THE MAGIC!!!

Dancing with red laser eyes!

I'm gunna get the cookie!!

Ahhhhh!!! So drunk!!!

Why was I wearing this... cat... head... so... much...

Still got that good ol' husky butt though!!


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