Well, thanks to kuddlepup getting one and constantly talking about it, I gave in and joined, much against my better judgment.

Twitter account: ZekeHusky

Done hopefully!
Well, kuddlepup  and I finished cleaning the house, rearranging many things, cleaning many things, and overall making the house very presentable to my family, since my mom arrives in 8 hours! Ugh...

Bed time now, gotta work for 10 hours tomorrow, then we're all going out to eat at Kobe's Steakhouse at 8pm. :)  Graduation ceremony will be Saturday morning at 9am, so it'll be an early morning even though I'm off work.  I have to be outside the UCF arena by 7:45am!!

Goodnight and I'll be sure to post pictures! :)


One door closes and another opens
This Saturday I'll be closing the door to the past 17 or so years of education and opening the door to the full real world.  This Saturday... I graduate from the University of Central Florida's College of Business Administration, with my bachelors degree in Business Management: Human Resource Track.  I am looking forward to being able to apply for more professional jobs that I wasn't able to do before, due to my school schedule and also not having a degree.

I'll post a picture or two of me being handed it from the dean of UCF during the ceremony Saturday morning if we get any.  I only have 5 tickets that came with my cap and gown, and I am bringing my mom, dad, sister, grandmother, and my mate: kuddlepup .

I am finished with my classes, though I have 2 exams to take today.  Wish me luck and I'll see you all through the next door!!


Zeke and Yappy's Harley Ride
Yappy Fox and I took turns riding my Harley around the hotel parking lot at Megaplex this past weekend.  I started it from totally cold, since I didn't want it getting too hot.  Ruining the fur on my brand new suit would have been bad!  Check it out!

It has begun!
It has begun! Last night kuddlepup  and I started packing up my room where I currently live and brought several boxes as well as my computer to him house.  My future room was finally cleaned out from the old furniture and junk, walls and floors were cleaned thoroughly, and is now open for me to start doing the major moving of my bed and such in! 

Beginnings of decorating.Collapse )
I'm very happy to be moving in with my mate; in an environment where I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not in order to avoid the harassment of my old room mates and all of their friends.  My graduation ceremony from the University of Central Florida is on August 7th, which is less than a month from now, and things will be even better after that! :)

Well, we're off to dinner now, I'll try to post more updates through the move!


Clean look
Well, I just finished changing the oil on my motorcycle and also waxed the entire bike.  I was over due for an oil change by almost a thousand miles (I know that's bad!) and it was looking pretty shaky since I got caught in the rain this past Thursday when running errands.  It looks really good now!  Check out the pictures!

Click here to see the beauty!Collapse )

She's a 2009 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom with the Screaming Eagle Stage 1 intake, Vance & Hines Shortshot headers, and a tune.

It's my Birthday!
Yay! It's my birthday today! Big 22 on the 22nd!  The real Earth Day Birthday! :P Going to work half the day then going out for something special tonight, though I haven't found out what exactly it is yet... O.o  We shall see!


How to Train Your Dragon
OH MY GAWD! This movie was AMAZING!!! I won't spoil anything, but I will say it has one of the best stories I've seen in an animated movie in a long time, and is very fun, cute, all the above awesome! Will definitely be seeing it again in 3D.  IMAX 3D made it super win!

Well yesterday, since it is so nice outside (high 60's, low 70's), I helped someone special plant a small flower garden in his backyard. I actually enjoyed it and I was surprised that underneath the the 3-4 inches of roots we had to dig up, the soil was very moist and rich! I'll update this once I find out what all the flowers are named, but we planted pink, purple, and white of one type, some white with purple center pansies, some yellow marigolds, and then one solo plants on each end. It actually looks pretty good! We spent several hours out there doing it and turned crab grass and other weeds into a totally cleared area then planted all 92 flowers (they all came in 18 packs, then the 2 solo plants). I did however get burnt pretty bad out there as I had my shirt off trying to get a little sun and ended up getting a lot of sun! >.< I do not do well with sunburns as I am very fair skinned. Gotta love the northern European heritage!

Click here for the sunburn picture.Collapse )

I'll post pictures of it maybe tonight if I get some good pictures.


It's official
Well, it's now official, I have commissioned SophieCabra (Surf Cat Costumes) to do my full suit. The deposit is in and now it's time to make my duct tape dummy. I will be premiering the suit at AC! I'm very happy with my decision in regards to the style and quality as well as the price.



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